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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Libraries?

Should files be saved to a folder or a library?

What happens if a library or the items in a libray are deleted?

Where are the menus that used to appear at the top of open folders in Windows XP?

How to perform a search?

How to shift a window from one monitor to the other?

How to display the desktop onto an external projector?

Is my Sennheuser PC35 headset compatible with Windows 7?

Where is the Run command?

What media formats are supported by default in Windows 7?

How to retrieve shared Zimbra items (folders, calendars) in Outlook 2010?

Windows 7 Libraries

Libraries are folders that allow you to access data of a specific category regardless of where they are located on your computer. For example, you can create a library for coursework and have access to all your coursework in that folder, even if you have coursework on 2 different drives.

Saving files to a folder or a library

It does not matter. If you save a file to a folder, it appears in any library that includes that folder. If you save a file to a library, the file is actually stored in the default save location for that library. For example, if you save your text files to the Documents library, they will be stored in the My Documents folder, not the library.

Deleting a library or the items in a library

If you delete a library, the library itself is moved to the Recycle Bin. The files and folders that were accessible in the library are stored elsewhere and therefore are not deleted. If you accidentally delete one of the four default libraries (Documents, Music, Pictures, or Videos), you can restore it to its original state in the navigation pane by right-clicking Libraries and then clicking Restore default libraries.

If you delete files or folders from within a library, they are also deleted from their original locations. If you want to remove an item from a library but not delete it from the location it is stored in, you should remove the folder containing the item. When you remove a folder from a library, all the items in the folder will be removed (but not deleted).

Similarly, if you include a folder in a library and then delete the folder from its original location, the folder is no longer accessible in the library.

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Displaying menus at the top of open folders

Menus are hidden by default because the most common menu commands can now be accessed on the toolbar. To display menus, press ALT; or click Organize, point to Layout, and then click Menu bar.

Performing a search

There are several ways to perform a search. One way is to type in the search box at the top of any open window or in the search box on the Start menu. When you start typing, the search begins automatically.

You can also use the Search folder:

  • Open Search by pressing Windows logo key Picture of Windows logo key+F.

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Shifting a Window to a Second Monitor

If you are using two monitors, then you might want to move the Windows from one to another.

There is a very simple way to do it. All you have to do is press the Windows Key + Shift Key + Left or Right Key, depending on what monitor you want to move it to.

Display onto an external projector

Projection is really quick and simple with Windows 7. Just hit Win+P, and the following pop-up window will appear:

The Win+P Projector Settings window allows you to quickly switch display settings. 

Use the arrow keys (or keep hitting Win+P) to switch to “clone”, “extend” or “external only” display settings.

Sennheuser PC35 headset compatibility with Windows 7

The PC35 Sennheiser USB headset requires a firmware update in order to work under Windows 7.  To upgrade the headset, refer to the steps below:

  1. Plug the headset into a Windows XP computer. Note that the upgrading process will not work under Windows 7.
  2. Download the firmware upgrade.
  3. Run the downloaded executable. It will install a temporary driver, and upgrade the firmware on the headset.
  4. Done! Plug the headset into the Windows 7 machine.

For additional assistance and/or to have access to a computer with Windows XP, contact the KSU Service Desk or your college TSS.

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Using the Run command

The Run command no longer appears on the Start menu. The search box that appears on the Start menu provides much of the same functionality as the Run command.

File Formats Newly Supported in Windows Media Player 12

File Type - File Name Extension(s) - Description

ADTS Audio - .aac - Used for streaming audio content from media players or websites in Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) or MPEG-4 Audio formats.

AVCHD Video - .m2t, .m2ts, .mts - High-definition video container format used by many portable video recorders. It typically uses the H.264 video compression codec (also known as MPEG-4 AVC).

MP4 Video - .m4v, .mp4, .mp4v - This widely used high-definition video container format typically uses H.264 video compression.

MPEG-4 Audio - .m4a - Also known as Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), this is the default format used by Apple's iTunes software and online music store; files in this format that use Apple's FairPlay copy protection are not supported, nor are those that use Apple Lossless Format.

QuickTime Movie - .mov - A container format used by many portable video cameras.

Displaying Shared Items

Sharing of items between users must be done in Zimbra before those shared items can be displayed and used in Outlook. For instructions on sharing items, and accepting shared items in Zimbra, refer to pages 25 – 26 in the Faculty and Staff Email Collaboration Suite (Zimbra) booklet. It is easy to import into Outlook 2010 an item that has been shared in Zimbra.


For example, to view shared calendars:

  1. Click on the Add-Ins tab at the far right of the tabs menu.
  2. Click on Other User's Mailbox.
  3. Type the first name of the user and double click the name from the list.
  4. After the import occurs ensure you are viewing the calendar.
  5. In the calendar folder list to the right, put a check mark next to the calendar you wish to view.
  6. Repeat for each individual you want to add to your calendar view.  You can remove the check mark without removing the calendar from your account.  It will only remove the view.

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