The Instructional Technologies & Telecommunication Services Team includes:

Director: Luetta Hassis

Telecommunication Division: Ellery Lewis, Tyler Avery, Jeremy Gibel, Craig Mitchell, Frank Wagner

Instructional Technology Division: Felix Redondo, Robert Archer, Mathis Carver, Brandon LeBlanc, Brian Mershon, J.D. Price, Jason Sims

Instructional Technologies and Telecommunication Services (ITTS), a Division of Information Technology Services (ITS), provides instructional technology to all KSU public spaces and classrooms and telephone service to all of Kennesaw State, with the exception of Student Housing.  ITTS is also responsible for the entire voice and data infrastructure, installing fiber and copper cable throughout campus for all campus facilities to accommodate telephone and computer connectivity.

ITTS provides consulting, design, purchase and installation of digital signage and AV classroom technology infrastructure and equipment.  Working closely with Colleges and Departments, ITTS ensures that state-of-the-art technology needs are met while maintaining University efficiencies and standards.

ITTS works closely with Facilities - Planning and Design and Plant Operations, to ensure that the proper Audio Visual & Telecom infrastructure is provided in new and renovated buildings.  Extensive time and effort has gone into all ITTS installations in an effort to bring KSU current for upcoming technology changes.

Telecommunication provides telephone connectivity, which includes all moves, adds, changes and repairs, as requested by Departmental personnel.  Telecom is also responsible for the acquisition of cell phones, after proper approval has been obtained by the CIO.

Working closely with Departments, Telecom coordinates all telephone moves, changes and new installations to ensure all requests are made to the advantage of each area.

A request for new lines or moving of phone lines from one building to another requires a minimum of 7-10 working days.  The requesting Department will incur BellSouth charges.  Moves within a building can be done within 3 working days, once the move form and Departmental approval has been received.

To schedule telephone, computer and furniture moves, please complete the “Telecommunications/Computer/Moving Services” form, found in Campus Forms, Facilities, Move Request Form. Fax completed form to ext 6903.

To report telephone or voice mail problems, please call ext 6029, giving us the ext, location and a brief description of the current problem. 

To request information concerning setting up a voice mailbox, please call ext 6029 for directions and instructions.

Per CIO Policy, please do not move computer equipment belonging to KSU

To report telephone or voice mail problems, please call ext 6029, giving us the ext, location and a brief description of the telephone or voicemail problem.


To obtain technical support or submit a service request, please contact:

Faculty/Staff : Service Desk at 770-423-6999 or email
Students: Student Service Desk at 770-499-3555 or email