Availability, Scalability, Flexibility and Reliability

The Infrastructure & Server Support group is working on some of the largest-scale computing technology in the history of Kennesaw State University. We have implemented IBM's Scalable Computing Platform and VMware's VSphere Infrastructure together to provide the KSU campus with a powerful and efficient computer framework.

We are here to facilitate you, our customer. Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff, the Infrastructure & Server Support group provides many services, applications, and procedures that are important tools to help with the day to day tasks at Kennesaw State. We strive to help make your everyday tasks easier and more efficient while also researching, testing, and implementing new technologies for future use.

The Infrastructure & Server Support group offers over 100 applications; administers over 200 different servers (Windows, Linux, VMware ESX and Mac OSX); supports student, staff and faculty email; and provides identity management, web development, and and two enterprise backup systems. These are just a few of the many services the Infrastructure & Server Support group provides the KSU campus.

Members of the Infrastructure & Server Support group are: Nick Hassis - Director, Casey Darrow, Chase Elliott, Steve Elliott, Alicia Flowers, Jeremy Flowers, Bruce Harding, Tyler Hayden, Steve Howard, Shane Kelly, Brian Kendrick, Ray Kerce, Karen Pollard, John Reeber, Murtuza Rizvi, Mark Robinson, and Joshua Womack.

To obtain technical support or submit a service request, please contact:

Faculty/Staff : Service Desk at 770-423-6999 or email service@kennesaw.edu
Students: Student Service Desk at 770-499-3555 or email studenthelpdesk@kennesaw.edu