Publishing a Web Page to your KSUweb Account

Step1: Your KSUWeb account

If you have a KSUWEB account, you now have the ability to publish a personal web page in your account. You should first familiarize yourself with the terms set forth in the KSU Telecommunication Policies. Failure to comply will result in the account being locked pending discussion with the Director of the Information Technology Services Department.

All campus PCs on Windows use SSH Secure Shell for file transfers. Click Start – Programs – SSH Secure Shell – Secure File Transfer Client.

This may be downloaded for free at home. Visit You will use your NetID and password to login.

Step2: Building a Web Page

There are many tools and utilities for creating web pages; you may use any one you wish to create your webpage. If you have never created a webpage and do not know what tools to use you may sign up for one of our Dreamweaver workshops available in OwlTrain.

Step3: Instructions for Using SSH-FTP

Detailed instructions on publishing your website using SSH can be found here.

Step 4: Viewing Your Web Page

  1. To view your website open your browser and type in the address bar.
  2. To view an individual page named other than index, click on the Location: box, then type:

**CAUTION: Your KSUWEB account is case sensitive (i.e. there is a difference between capitalizing the name or not capitalizing the name). You may go into your KSUWEB account and rename it to a lower case name - see “Renaming Your Pages In Your KSUWEB Account” below. If you try to view a web page by a name that has been capitalized (other than the index), you will need to capitalize the name when you view the page in your web browser.


It is extremely important that you have an “index” file in your directory for security reasons. Without an “index” file present, a potential hacker can get a directory listing of the documents you have in your directory and could possibly use any information they can gain to compromise the security of the entire system. Therefore, an INDEX.HTM file has been placed in your home directory. The INDEX.HTM file should be the main file in your account.

ITS offers workshops every semester regarding the instruction of setting up your web page through KSUWEB. You can register for these workshops, via OwlTrain.

If you should decide that you want to get more involved in the technical side of web page creation, KSU can provide space in the CGI Bin for you to place your scripts. You can request your CGI space online. Find out more on how to get space in the CGI Bin and how to write scripts.